photos of varied species of wildlife and plants found at Presque Isle

Dynamic Dunes - The Natural History Musuem at TREC
Online Collections Provide Valuable Resources

The Dynamic Dunes website is online and uses the web to address local environmental issues, and holds more than 3,800 records in seven collections: vascular plants, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mollusks.

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"These collections provide a valuable resource for scientific studies related to the ecology of our region," said Dr. Ed Masteller, professor emeritus of biology at Penn State Erie. The collections were gathered prmarily in northwestern Pennsylvania and focus on Presque Isle. Dr. Masteller, curator of the Natural History Museum, added, "These specimens form a permanent record of the area's biodiversity and, through the web site, will help to inform future decisions on conservation and land use."

The real-time presentation addresses local environmental issues, including how to respond to problems that threaten biodiversity, maintaining Presque Isle's delicate ecosystems, and fight pollution & disease.

Partnership Erie, an outreach unit of the Sam and Irene Black School of Business at Penn State Behrend, developed the new website. It is sponsored by Pennsylvania Sea Grant.

Sea Grant Pennsylvania

Photos by Robert Harris, Mark Lethaby, Ed Masteller, Tim Lyons, Jerry McWilliams, Hank Hanrahan, Jeff Hankey

photos of various natural species found at Presque Isle