collection of birds seen on Presque Isle

  eBird Trail Tracker

        Visitors to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center and Presque Isle State Park can now check Trail Tracker to find out which  birds have been seen recently and where they may find them. After going out on the trails, visitors can then record their own sightings, creating a continuous, updated record of bird observations for the site. Users can also view photographs, listen to sounds, and read life history information about all the birds on the site’s checklist, using simple touch-screen technology. The Trail Tracker can be found on the second floor of the Tom Ridge Environmental Center.

         The program is already in use at various parks and National Wildlife Refuges in eight states.
All eBird Trail Tracker reports are pooled in eBird, a database containing millions of bird observations maintained by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society. Anyone can explore this data at, using charts and graphs that highlight patterns in bird distribution over time.